The Buzz On Better Business

From Janitor to President: The APEX of Success with Christian Williford

September 26, 2023 ACADIANACASTS, Chris Babin Episode 4
The Buzz On Better Business
From Janitor to President: The APEX of Success with Christian Williford
Show Notes

In this exciting episode of "The Buzz on Better Business," your host Chris Babin, President of the Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana, sits down with the remarkable Christian Williford, President of APEX Commercial Cleaning Services in Lafayette, LA. Get ready for an inspiring and diverse conversation that delves into the depths of Christian's journey, personal philosophy, and unique perspectives.

Christian begins by sharing the fascinating story of how he started his own business, APEX Commercial Cleaning Services. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication have propelled his company to success, and his insights into the world of business ownership will surely resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs.

But Christian's life is more than just business. He grew up with a local celebrity as a father, and he opens up about the bittersweet experience of hearing stories about his father, who has passed away. Join us for a heartfelt exploration of the impact of family and legacy on one's life and career.

Community service holds a special place in Christian's heart, and he passionately discusses his philosophy when it comes to giving back. Learn about his involvement in local youth programs and his dedication to breast cancer awareness, as well as his belief in the power of businesses to make a positive impact on their communities.

Networking is a crucial aspect of success, and Christian shares his thoughts on the "six-degree rule" and the importance of building meaningful relationships in both business and life. Discover how his extensive network has contributed to his growth and success.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any journey, and Christian provides valuable insights into how to turn a negative into a positive when a mistake is made with a client. His approach to problem-solving and client relations is both enlightening and practical.

Christian also dives into his approach to leadership, emphasizing the qualities that make him a boss that people want to work for. Learn how he fosters a positive work environment and inspires his team to excel.

And for a delightful twist, Christian reveals the story behind his moniker as the "Best Dressed Janitor" and discusses his unique approach to professionalism in the cleaning industry. His attention to detail and commitment to presentation have set him apart and garnered well-deserved attention.

To top it off, the episode takes a fun turn as Christian shares his passion for professional wrestling, giving listeners a glimpse into his unique interests outside of the business world.

Don't miss this captivating episode of "The Buzz on Better Business" as Christian Williford shares his incredible journey from janitor to president, offering a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, and a dash of unexpected charm.

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