The Buzz On Better Business

Rise and Thrive: Unveiling the Secrets of Gonstead Chiropractic with Dr. Brennon Kelly

June 24, 2023 ACADIANACASTS, Chris Babin Episode 3
The Buzz On Better Business
Rise and Thrive: Unveiling the Secrets of Gonstead Chiropractic with Dr. Brennon Kelly
Show Notes

Welcome to another exciting episode of "The Buzz on Better Business"! In this episode, your host Chris Babin, President/CEO of The Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana, sits down with a remarkable guest, Dr. Brennon Kelly, the owner and chiropractor of Rise Chiropractic in Broussard, LA.

Join Chris and Dr. Kelly as they dive into the fascinating world of chiropractic care and business success. Dr. Kelly shares his inspiring journey of how he found his passion for chiropractic and the driving forces behind his dedication to providing exceptional care to his patients.

One of the intriguing aspects of Dr. Kelly's practice is his unique incorporation of "Gonstead" Chiropractic methods, making him the sole licensed chiropractor in the state to utilize this specialized approach. Discover how this technique sets him apart from others in the field and the remarkable results it produces for his patients.

But it's not just the chiropractic methods that make Rise Chiropractic outstanding. Dr. Kelly emphasizes the importance of core values within his team of employees. Learn why he insists on hiring individuals who align with specific principles and how these values contribute to the overall success of his business.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, Dr. Kelly shares his involvement with the organization and how it has positively impacted his practice. Explore the benefits of being associated with the BBB and how it helps build trust with patients and the community.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Kelly reveals some fascinating personal tidbits that the average person may not know. Discover the lesser-known aspects of his life, interests, and experiences that have shaped him into the exceptional individual he is today.

Join us for an engaging conversation filled with valuable insights, business tips, and inspiring stories as Chris Babin and Dr. Brennon Kelly uncover the secrets to success in the chiropractic industry. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a chiropractic enthusiast, or simply curious about the business world, this episode is sure to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Tune in to "The Buzz on Better Business" and get ready to be motivated, informed, and entertained.

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